The Control-App


With TicketCheck, we offer you a quickly deployable solution for checking electronic tickets in the form of chipcards and mobile phone tickets as well as printed

✔ Quick to use

✔ Maximum security

✔ Inexpensive hardware

✔ KA-Compliant

✔ Tested and approved as a control app by the "Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen" (VDV).

  • One app for everything

    ✔ Smart cards

    ✔ Barcodes

    ✔ SAM protected

    ✔ Offline

    ✔ Android based

  • Security Module/Dongle

    ✔ Connection via Bluetooth

    ✔ Encrypted

    ✔ Several dongles in parallel

    ✔ 30h battery life

    ✔ SAM is in the dongle

  • Connection Establishment

    The control unit is
    connected to the dongle
    via Bluethooth.

  • Safe Control

    The dongle is placed in your pocket.

    If the control device is stolen, no transactions can be carried out without a dongle!

  • Data Supply

    ✔ Key Management

    ✔ Certificate Management

    ✔ Control-Modules

    ✔ Blacklists

    ✔ Action Management

  • Transactions

    ✔ Captures

    ✔ Lock

    ✔ Expenses

    ✔ Withdrawals

    ✔ Transfer to ION

  • Ticket Types

    Our solution is compatible with the following smart cards:

    ✔ VDV-KA standard

    as well as the following barcodes:

    ✔ VDV barcodes

    ✔ UIC 918.3, 918.3*

    ✔ UIC 918.9, 918.9*

    ✔ Motics

  • administration and evaluation

    ✔ Reports

    ✔ Device Management

    ✔ Web Application

    ✔ Hosted in Germany

    ✔ Transfer to ION

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Because we love transparency:

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We want to make it as easy as possible for you. You can therefore order the required dongles and app licenses directly online. We will contact you below so that you can immediately use TicketCheck to check tickets.