Quality Management

One of the most important factors in using the transport company's services is customer satisfaction. In order to continuously improve these, deep insights and analyzes of your own services are necessary. We support you with our KAPRIS platform across systems and companies in order to be able to analyze and evaluate tariffs, products and the entire driving operation.

Reporting Tariff and Products

The company that is responsible for the definition of the products and their allocation to the transport companies using the product takes on the role of product manager (PV) in the role model of the core application.
The PV needs a powerful software system to manage products and the authorizations issued, revoked, blocked or unblocked on their basis, as well as to continuously check the correctness of authorization control documents.

The KAPRION-PVS takes care of all these tasks for the user.
With its dynamic visualization environment, it also gives the product developers a precise tool for evaluating product use and thus enables continuous further development of the e-ticket products.

Reporting Driving Operation

Passenger transport is at the heart of the business activities of every transport company. With the use of electronic information and communication systems, your efficiency can be significantly increased.

The use of forgery-proof and automatically verifiable e-tickets simplifies control processes, which reduces the need for training of the verification staff and the error rate when verifying travel authorizations. In addition, the statistical evaluation of the control documents allows a constantly up-to-date, deep insight into line use and vehicle utilization and thus supports transport companies in operational planning.

With its dynamic visualization environment, the KAPRION-DLS offers an excellent tool for this.

  • Report Authorization Transactions - Who issued, revoked or recorded authorizations?

  • Report Authorization Locks

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