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KAPRION connects

Mobility – Today

The mobility of data, people and goods is the basis of our prosperity. Can this also be guaranteed from the point of view of sustainability and lower resource consumption?
How can we shape mobility in the future in such a way that the individual advantages are retained and
fewer resources are consumed at the same time?


Simply networking

How do we succeed in combining different mobility concepts and designing new, value-adding business models and offers? How do we maintain a heterogeneous market with many mobility providers in the future?

We all use what is simple. Can a mobility network be as simple as driving a car? So easy that I can reach all places? At a calculable price? On time?


We have an answer!

We at KAPRION ask ourselves these questions. With our product KAPRIS we provide our partners with functions for the control and networking of business processes, for the interaction of employees and customers and for the adaptation of interfaces. KAPRIS is accessible via your webbrowser.
Thus we set up a decentralized network, which today connects more than 60 transport companies in four regions.



Join us!

We are looking for like-minded companies that act as cooperation partners, providers, brokers
or service provider of mobility products or as a payment service provider and would like to become part of a cooperative and innovative network.


The KAPRIS platform

Automates the control of your business processes

KAPRIS connects


You can post the functions of KAPRIS at various levels. The basis is the connection of software systems for the data supply and disposal of personalization units, control devices and bus printers as well as the central systems of application publishers and the KOSE revocation list service. KAPRIS provides the function complexes “adaptation” and “message switching” for this purpose. Of course, all versions of the core application specification are supported.


We provide the functions contained in our KAPRIS platform for our customers as “Software as a Service”. This means that you rent functionality from us. We take care of the provision and operation of servers, the backup of data, the monitoring of operation and the maintenance of the software. We also take care of the integration of client and server systems into the KAPRIS network. The development and implementation of customer-specific adapter, process and application services is, of course, part of our services.



The functions of our KAPRIS platform have been used productively by public transport companies for several years. The KAPRIS platform is connecting the business processes of many companies in such a way that passengers perceive, experience and reward the continuous use of public transport as if all services were provided by a single networked service provider. Every passenger can pay for the services he or she uses via the transport company in his or her region.

PRIS – Process integrations system


The process integration system PRIS controls and monitors autonomously the interaction between the eTicket background systems of several cooperating transport companies in a region.
It allows flexible integration. Errors and exceptions can be detected and eliminated.
A PRIS can be shared by several companies. The integrated client separation ensures that each user can only view and change the data intended for him. Joint use of PRIS creates synergies in terms of resource utilization and system expansion and makes it so economical for companies to start using eTickets.

DLS – service provider’s system


The use of electronic tickets makes it possible for transport companies to significantly increase their efficiency in this area. The use of forgery-proof and automatically verifiable electronic tickets simplifies control processes, which reduces both the training requirements of the verification staff and the error rate in verifying travel authorisations. In addition, the statistical evaluation of the control documents allows an always up-to-date, deep insight into line usage and vehicle utilization and thus supports transport companies in their operational planning. The KAPRION-DLS with its dynamic visualization environment offers an excellent tool for this.

PVS – Product manager’s system


To offer uniform transport services independently of the transport company requires the definition of uniform products.
They determine the temporal and spatial validity as well as quality characteristics of the transport service. On the basis of these products, driving authorisations are issued by the transport companies offering the product.
The company that is responsible for defining the products and allocating them to the transport companies that use them takes on the role of product manager (PV) in the core application’s role model.
To manage products and the authorisations issued, revoked, blocked or unblocked on the basis of them, as well as to continuously check the correctness of authorisation control documents, the PV requires a powerful software system.
The KAPRION-PVS takes over all these tasks for the user. With its dynamic visualization environment, it also provides product developers with a precise tool for evaluating product usage, thus enabling continuous further development of eTicket products.

Mobile sales


You can only achieve true flexibility in public transport for your passengers if they can purchase travel authorisations at any time and place. If your customers have Android smartphones with an NFC interface, you will soon be able to offer them this flexibility. With the KAPRION app, your customers have the mobile ticket vending machine in their own pocket. With the integration of a SAM cluster server, it goes without saying that the issuing of authorisations takes place at the same high security level as in your company’s customer centre.



The basis for the trustworthiness and protection against counterfeiting of the eTicket-Deutschland is the consistent use of cryptographic methods. These methods are implemented at the phone of passengers and in special security-modules (SAMs) on the side of public transport companies. The management of the SAMs over their entire life cycle, from ordering, through their use in terminals, to deactivation or blocking in the event of loss, requires the establishment of a security management system within the company. They are supported in the implementation of this requirement by the SAM management module, which can be integrated into all KAPRION products. We would be pleased to advise you on the implementation of the administration processes in your company.

KAPRION and research

Security with cryptography

ID-IDEAL – Management of digital identities

Our vision: legal certainty in the digital space through easy-to-use digital identities.

Our mission: to develop, apply and disseminate a framework for secure digital identities of people, organizations and objects.

Our target:

  • An ecosystem of issuers, holders, and acceptance points is emerging in which actors can use their digital credentials to establish trust across the boundaries of previously isolated trust domains.

  • To do this, they can choose from a variety of compatible ID services one that best suits their needs and transfer data between services. In this way, we contribute to stimulating innovation and value creation through the use of digital identities in business, administration, and society.

In the Urban Mobility application scenario, KAPRION is developing a universally applicable, hardware-cryptographically supported solution for securely mapping usage authorizations for various mobility providers in mobile devices. The practical application will be tested in two field tests in the regions of Dresden and Leipzig.

The OPTIMOS project

The OPTIMOS funding project is intended to create a platform that relieves service providers of the complex part and at the same time enables hardware-supported security. The service providers connect to a “Trusted Service Manager” (TSM) via an interface. The TSM gives the service provider exclusive access to a storage area in the respective hardware security element on the customer’s smartphone.

The OPTIMOS project

The OPTIMOS funding project, which runs until summer 2021, is creating an infrastructure for mobile services that fully meets the criteria of an open and practical ecosystem:

1. the OPTIMOS ecosystem will be accessible to service providers and technology suppliers without discrimination,

2. customers will be able to choose between as many service providers as possible, and

3. national and European requirements on IT security and data protection will be fully supported.

19 other partners are involved in the project beside KAPRION.

There is still an opportunity for your company to become an active partner within the project OPTIMOS 2.0.

Please contact under the keyword “Verwertungspartner”. Market platforms can only operate economically as monopolies? – We do not believe that.


We are convinced that a community with fair exchange can achieve more.

Focus: Data security

Providers of digital services, such as car sharing or mobile phone companies, airlines or transport companies, want to use their customers’ smartphones to securely store application-specific data. So far, however, they have had to cut back on security.


The OPTIMOS project – funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) – is intended to change this situation.

Partners of the OPTIMOS-Project

Our partners

Bundesdruckerei GmbH
Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH
Technische Universität Dresden
Cantamen GmbH
NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH
T-Systems International GmbH
Freie Universität Berlin

Our associate partners

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe AöR
Infineon Technologies AG
Telekom Deutschland GmbH
Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
Samsung Electronics GmbH
Deutsche Hospitality
Sony Europe Limited
VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
Governikus GmbH & Co. KG
Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Vodafone GmbH

IT and cryptography

IT only becomes secure through cryptography!

In the mobile environment Secure Elements offer the chance to execute cryptographic processes really securely.

Together with T-Systems, Samsung, Infineon and Bundesdruckerei, we are working on creating an open ecosystem for secure identities in mobile services.

Challenge: Mobile Services

Mobile services have become an integral part of our digitized world: airlines send their customers’ boarding passes directly to their mobile phones, public transportation companies offer digital tickets for smartphones, and car sharing companies transmit the digital car keys to their customers by SMS or app.

To securely store this application-specific data on customers’ smartphones has been a complex challenge for any service provider so far.

This is because different types of mobile phones and mobile phone providers ensure a high degree of heterogeneity in the hardware.

KAPRION’s vision is to make these challenges easier and safer for a large number of service providers in the future.

KAPRION and career

Become a member of our team!


Career at KAPRION

New challenges demand creative solutions from us. Often it is not enough to google a solution or approach the matter according to the motto “Everyone does it that way”. Real success usually only occurs when we have really understood the problem and are able to implement the individually suitable solution.

Life means change. Requirements that were vague yesterday are already more precise today or have turned out to be a misunderstanding. So we always look at our own results critically, see improvement potential and implement it.

The true dimension of a requirement is rarely immediately obvious. Therefore, we always plan migration capability and scalability into our solutions to have also in the future “an answer” to new requirements and findings.

Career at KAPRION

You don’t just do what everyone else does?

You develop new things and are always looking for the next improvement?

You take responsibility for your results?

Become part of our performance-oriented team!


“Sitting is the new smoking.”


That’s why we have two monitors in an air-conditioned office as well as height-adjustable desks and you can enjoy the view into the green!

What we offer you

We offer you a creative environment with mutual support and exchange in a team!

You can only concentrate if you feel comfortable.

Your thoughts want to flow! Drinks are on our house – coffee, tea, mineral water – tell us what you would like to drink!

We treat each other fairly! Some agents charge 20% – 40% of an annual salary. We prefer to share our profit in the team. – Apply directly to us!

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Together we achieve more!

We have a team-oriented corporate culture with common activities, such as the pizza day at the beginning of each month in a small growing Dresden company.

Flexible working hours and family-friendly holiday arrangements are included.

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